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¬°WARNING!: All music belong to their creators. No profit is being gained through this website.


a b o u t _ p a g e

On this site, there are mutiple links to lead to different music audios. Each audio will automatically download on your computer for you to keep and you get a small aesthetic picture to go along with it. Of course, it cannot be downloaded with the audio, but it's there. As for the music, the creator is currently working on how to make it be able to not download to your computer and instead give the user the ability to just play it on the site. Each of the musical pieces are approximately three minutes, so keep track on how long it's running for. The title of each song is included on the MIDI for you to search for on YouTube or any other platform. Again, all music belong to the original creators and no profit is being made. Enjoy the music and work hard!

a b o u t _ m e

My name...? I rather not give it out just yet.

What I will tell you though is that I'm a full fledged student, who is learning how to just program properly. This site was fully intended as a final product of a project that was assigned to me in class. I didn't create this site because I "felt like it." It was more of like I "needed to make this site because I need to get that grade." However, I did enjoy creating the overall format of this site and the privilege of being able to choose songs that just sounded generally pleasing. I do hope in the future that I'm able to create my own music to use instead of "stealing" others' work, but that won't be happening in a life time from now. I have no music experience whatsoever and if I was to create some sort of musical piece, it probably have the same beat over and over again. No one likes that. No one.

I don't have any friends that contain any knowledge in programming, but if they did it's vague information. Hopefully in the near future, that probably doesn't exist at the moment, I could possibly teach them a thing or two. But thinking more of it, I do recall calling myself a terrible teacher. So, it'll be nice to have a friend who has more knowledge in programming than just that only "nerds" do it.

I could ramble on about myself, but then it would just get overall too personal and I'd rather keep that to myself. Enjoy the music. Hopefully it isn't too bad, I could only use MIDI since I'm just a broke little kid programming, who can't use MP3 on this site.

T Y P E S _ O F _ M U S I C _ A V A I L A B L E

¬°NOTE!: Apologies if you were expecting more music to be available. There are more to come.